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"The Polish stunner is the out-of-this-world chicken schnitzel cordon bleu, a half-pound breast sliced in half and filled with top-quality ham and Brie, then skillet-fried in butter to a crispy crunch. This dish could safely come with a money-back guarantee."
Howard Seftel Arizona Republic.

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Beaver Choice Food Trailer

All You Can Eat!

Pierogi, Soup & Salad $13.95

every thursday starting at 5pm

Staple Food in Midwest, on the East Coast and in Canada By using only fresh local ingredients and NO Preservatives and by keeping Old Traditional Recipes we do hope that our pierogi will satisfy not only Polish and Easter European Customers but also all Americans.
Pierogi are especially associated with Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia and Canada where they are considered national dishes

All You Can Eat ierogi Beaver Choice



We can service any small or medium size requirements you may have. The varieties of menus we offer allow you to choose the appropriate mix of cuisine for each occasion. Our website takes you through the overall selection of menus available to choose from.
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Chef's Picks

"De gustibus non est disputandum" - "In matters of taste, there can be no disputes".

With other words everyone's personal preferences are merely subjective opinions that cannot be right or wrong, so they should never be argued about as if they were.

Folowing this philosophical statment we would love to present our chef's favorite dishes.

Merely suggestions for you to judge.

In Media

There’s absolutely nothing like it in the Valley. Featuring dishes from Sweden, Poland and other Northern European countries. We invite you to enjoy some of the most unique and tasty dishes in all of the Phoenix area.

We've been featured on two Cooking Channel shows and also in


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All Desserts are made daily in house to assure top quality, taste and freshness
We use only fresh, local ingredients and no preservatives are added to the final product.